Fou is an apartment gallery and creative lab based in New York. Fou is dedicated to promote creative talents and projects of our time. As suggested by its name, Fou is a denial of the mainstream commercial gallery model and an active contributor to a new organic art community. With the belief that enjoying art is an essential part of everyday life, Fou offers a vibrant, enjoyable and inspirational selection of original works in art and design. In addition to regular exhibitions and events, we host UNTITLEDdialogue series, screenings of art and independent films, sound performances, private dinners and art afternoon tea parties to create a diverse and accessible art space.


CONTACT | 联系我们

Address: 410 Jefferson Avenue, #1, Brooklyn, NY 11221
Contact:; (+1) 917.689.9355
Hours: Saturday 11am-6pm, or by appointment via email.

地址: 纽约布鲁克林区Jefferson大道410号#1
联系方式:; (+1) 917.689.9355
开放时间: 每周六11am-6 pm,其余时间请邮件预约

FOU TEAM | 否团队

Echo He 何雨 | Director |
Jasmine Bao 包兆麟 | Research & Archives |
Jiawen Song 宋佳文 | PR & Communication |
Tianxing Wan 万天星 | Social Media |
Yan Yu 闫雨 | Social Media|


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