MICHAEL EADE (b. 1957, Portland, Oregon)

Received a BA from Oregon State University and did further studies at the Staatlichen Akademie der Bildenen Kunste, Stuttgart (studying egg tempera painting techniques), and New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts (studying film and computer animation techniques). He has received many honors including a current residency at the Hermitage Artists’ Retreat, a studio membership at the Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts, and fellowships from the Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop, the National Academy Museum and School of the Fine Arts, Artists’ Fellowship Inc., and Aljira. Eade’s work appears in public and corporate collections including the Harvard Business School, HERMÈS, AT&T, the Library of Congress Permanent Collection and many private collections. In 2017, Michael Eade has his solo exhibition Realms o of the Soil at Fou Gallery, New York. Eade will have an exhibition at Pombal Palace in Lisbon in 2018.

Michael Eade started his series “The Tree of Life” in 2012 when he received a collector’s commission to depict an ancient fruit forest in the Tian Shan region. He got to know that the area is genetic Eden to over 300 wild fruit and nut species. It is also a fact that all of these forests are in danger of extinction. Therefore he decided to visually eulogize this botanical Eden and create a landscape icon - “The Tree of Life.” The series also becomes a practice to combine Eastern and Western landscape traditions for Eade: “Evolving together, filtered through my painting process and heavily referencing each other these paintings sustain a dialogue amongst themselves while providing different vistas of the remarkable Central Asian wild.” In 2016, Eade started a new series - “Nurse Log,” in depiction of fallen trees which, as they decay, provide ecological facilitation to seedling. As Eade suggests: “For me, the nurse log symbolizes renewal and rebirth, and I sometimes gild the nurse log to highlight it’s metaphorical importance in our world’s ecological system."

Artist’s Website: www.michaeleade.com

迈克尔·伊德(b. 1957, 美国俄勒冈州波特兰)





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