UNTITLEDdialogue 7 未命题对话: 一点新一点旧 Something Old, Something New Fundraising Party

Time: November 11th (Sunday), 16:00 – 18:00

Location: Ran Space, 269 KENT AVE.(BTW S1 STR. and S2 STR.), BROOKLYN, NY, 11211.

Thanks for your interest in UNTITLEDdialogue, a series of cultural talks with Asian related artists, musicians, curators, independent film makers, designers, architects and other creative professionals in New York. Our seventh issue (November 11th, 16:00-19:00) will feature a special fundraising party: Something Old, Something New. Everyone is encouraged to bring one or more personal belongings (old or new) to enter our silent auction. A certain percentage of the proceeds will support the future programming of UNTITLEDdialogue.

"Something Old, Something New" is the first line of a traditional rhyme which details what a bride should wear at her wedding for good luck. "Something old" symbolizes continuity with the past, while "Something New" means optimism and hope for the new life. Initiated in May 2012, UNTITLEDdialogue has already launched six events. With your generous support, it is gradually growing as a cultural community that encourages cross-boundary communication. In the future, we plan to organize six more events to further understanding of creative expression rooted in Asian contexts. We host UNTITLEDdialogue: Something Old, Something New at this special occasion as gratitude as well as greeting.

In addition to the silent auction, there will also be a raffle fundraiser. Our former speakers, including multimedia artist Li Mu, visual artist Zhang Hongtu, video artist Na Yingyu, Sakuhachi musician Akihito Obama, writer & painter John Ransom Phillips and Jazz musician Le Zhang will each donate a piece of artwork, autographed book / catalogue or limited edition record. For every $5 you donate, you get another entry in the raffle fundraiser.

Ways to Participate:

Bring one or more personal belongings (old or new), each valued up to $50. We will help you to set a starting price and increase increment for each object.


  1. Come to the party, bid on things that you like or donate to join the raffle.


  1. Even if you do not have the mood to buy or sell, just enjoy the party with art, music, tea and cake.

时间:2012年11月11日 周日 16:00-18:00.

地点:冉空间,269 KENT AVE.(BTW S1 STR. and S2 STR.), BROOKLYN, NY, 11211.



每个人都可以带一件或多件自己的私人物品(或新或旧),来参加我们的无声拍卖,所得款项一部分会捐赠给未命题对话活动支持未来的活动运营。此外,活动现场还有抽奖活动!我们过去几期的艺术家,包括多媒体艺术家李牧,影像艺术家那颖禹,尺八演奏家小濱明人,艺术家张宏图,爵士音乐家张乐和画家/作家John Ransom Phillips每人都会捐赠一本限量版的画册/CD或者艺术作品。奖券$ 5一张,每个人可以购买多张,所得款项会用于支持未命题对话进一步发展。


1. 带一件或多件私人物品(或新或旧)来到派对现场,你只要带物品来到现场即可,我们会和你一起设定一个起拍价(<$50)和增价区间。

2. 来现场竞拍、抽奖

3. 即时你既不想竞拍也不想抽奖,也欢迎来参加派对,享受音乐、茶、蛋糕,和朋友聊天。