FERNANDO VILLELA (b. 1993, São Paulo, Brazil)

Graduated from Photography at School of Visual Arts, New York (B.F.A.) in 2015, Villela currently lives and works in New York. His recent shows include Photoworks, Barrett Art Center, New York (2018); Data Rush, Noorderlicht Fotofestival, Groeningen, The Netherlands (2015). He had his first solo exhibition Fernando Villela: Procedural Generation at Ateliê Alê Gallery, São Paulo (2014). Zhe Zhu and Fernando Villela: Time Flies So First Things First is his first exhibition with Fou Gallery, New York (2018).

Villela produces works that adopt a journalistic perspective to survey new societal developments and reveal how technological advances shape our understanding of collective experience and create new forms of social control. His latest collaboration Time Flies So First Things First with Zhe Zhu further examines the symbiosis of human beings, objects and architectural spaces, demonstrating a new form of connectivity generated through photographic materials. One of his earlier projects, Procedural Generation, a series of images taken in the digital city of Los Santos within the video game Grand Theft Auto V, received significant attention. Depicting the highly realistic street scenes in the game, Villela tests the boundary between the real and the virtual, highlighting the alienation and despair present in both, and questioning the rigidity of reality itself.

Artist’s website: www.fernandovillela.com

费尔南多·维利纳  (b. 1993, 圣保罗, 巴西)

2015年毕业于纽约视觉艺术学院摄影专业,费尔南多·维利纳目前生活和工作在纽约。近期展览包括《照片》(巴雷特艺术中心,纽约,2018),《信息激荡》(北极光摄影节, 荷兰格罗宁根,2015),以及他的首个个展《费尔南多·维利纳:程序化生成》(艾特里•艾丽画廊,圣保罗,2014)《费尔南多·维利纳和朱喆:先办正事》(2018)是他在否画廊的首个展览。

维利纳的影像作品借鉴了新闻摄影的视角以探索最新的社会变化。同时,他亦将科技发展视作其作品的重要主题,旨在科技进步如何塑造我们的集体经验并建构出社会控制的新形式。他与朱喆合作的摄影项目《先办正事》 进一步探寻了人类、物件与建筑空间之间的共生关系,以摄影作品揭示岀一种新的联结形式。维利拉过往的摄影项目《程序化生成》亦获得极大关注,该组影像拍摄于动作冒险游戏《侠盗猎车手5》中的虚拟城市洛圣都 。以第一人称的身份参与游戏并在虚拟城市中拍摄高度写实的影像,维利纳进一步挑战了虚拟和现实的边界,强调了虚拟和现实的维度中皆存在的异化与疏离感,揭示岀现实的不稳定本质。


艺术家网站: www.fernandovillela.com