Meng Du's Solo Exhibition The Room at Shanghai Museum of Glass


Venue: Shanghai Museum of Glass, 685 Changjiang West Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai
Open Hours: Tuesday-Sunday, 9:30am-6pm; extended hours on Saturday, 6-9pm; closed on Monday.
Curator: Cathye Yang
Press Contact: Shen Haibing (, +86-21-3650-3688*6701)

Shanghai-Fou Gallery is pleased to announce that Meng Du will have her solo exhibition The Room at Shanghai Museum of Glass from April 29 to October 29, 2018. Featuring Meng Du’s most recent works made during her residency in Nanxun, Zhejiang Province, The Room will be Meng Du’s first solo exhibition in mainland China. She is also the youngest artist who ever have a solo exhibition in Shanghai Museum of Glass.

Graduated from the Graphics Design department at the Central Academy of Arts (Beijing) and switched to glass as the primary artistic medium in Rochester Institute of Technology (New York State, United States), Meng Du returned to China two years ago, and her experience in Nanxun, Beijing and Nagoya all led to her reflection on glass as a medium and shaped her understanding of life. In the current exhibition at Shanghai Museum of Glass, Meng Du offers a dramatic interpretation of pervasive “limitations” and “boundaries” in her usual, although subtle and intuitive way. As a storyteller using the tool of glass, Du is always investigating daily fragmented information and visual languages, skillfully expressing them in an emotionally relatable way to others. Walking through the exhibits, the viewers will experience the transient and translucent nature of glass while looking at the fantastical and strange scenes. Rooms of various sizes and styles function as large installations and stages. Viewers will have intimate contact with stories and emotions through sight, sound and touch.

Meng Du is interested in preserving memories and keeping a record of them so they do not fade over time. With a natural instinct to extract meaning from narrative, she also wants to show memories in decay, as a way of memorializing them and showing the process of their slow disappearance from our consciousness. She incorporates the drawings and found objects, which come from her personal life experience into the surface treatment and imaging techniques of glass. To represent the nostalgic feeling and memories of certain times and places that she does not want to let go of.

开放时间:夏令开放时间(5月-10月):周二至周日9:30-18:00(17:00停止售票); 冬令开放时间(11月-4月):周二至周日9:30-17:00(16:00停止售票),博物馆夏令夜场:周六18:00-21:00(20:00停止售票)
媒体联络:沈海兵(, +86-21-3650-3688*6701)

上海 – 否画廊祝贺艺术家杜蒙在上海玻璃博物馆举办个展《间》。此次展览将展出杜蒙在浙江南浔驻留期间的最新创作,并将是杜蒙在国内的首次个展。她也是迄今为止在上海玻璃博物馆举办个展的年龄最小的艺术家。





News and Reviews | 新闻与评论

"The Language of Glass", NeoCha , 2018.5.17

SHMOG - Moe - The Room - 01.jpg
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Meng Du, Reference Reflection, 2017, glass, multi-media, silver © Meng Du, courtesy Shanghai Museum of Glass
杜蒙,你是否读出了我的世界,2017,玻璃、综合材料、银箔 © 杜蒙,致谢上海玻璃博物馆

“Different aspects of life divide us into different circles. Although we encounter with these circles in different time and space, these circles evolve and intersect with each other in the ever-changing surroundings. The daily life continues, and we may reunite or farewell forever. After all, only ourselves could be the forever companion.” by Meng Du

“生活的方方面面把我们划分在一个又一个圈子之中。即便每一个圈子所处的空间不同,时间不同,它们都在随着我们对生活环境和需求的变化而相遇相交,相互渗透。日子只会继续向前,也许重逢,也许分别。然而终归结底,能够相伴的只有自己。” ——杜蒙

SHMOG - Moe - The Room - 12.jpg

Meng Du, As The Land Sleeps, 2017, glass, multi-media, silver ©Meng Du, courtesy Shanghai Museum of Glass
杜蒙,浮沉,2017,玻璃、综合材料、银箔 © 杜蒙,致谢上海玻璃博物馆

“No man is an island, entire of itself. Genetic lineage, social relations and explosive information all knit a tangled web. We all try hard to survive in these complicated relations, following others’ pace. Then how can we find a spiritual realm to settle our soul? Actually, everyone is an island, entire of itself. ” by Meng Du

没有人是一座孤岛。血缘纽带、社会关系以及无时无刻不再更新的信息交织成一张密密的网。我们都努力在凫水以免溺毙在错综复杂的环境中,跟上别人的步伐和速度。这又该如何去寻找一个属于自己内心的居所。其实,每个人都是一座孤岛。” ——杜蒙

SHMOG - Moe - The Room - 13.jpg

Meng Du, Everywhere, Nowhere, 2017, glass, fabric, multi-media, silver ©Meng Du, courtesy Shanghai Museum of Glass
杜蒙,彼方,此地, 2017,玻璃、综合材料、织物、银箔 © 杜蒙,致谢上海玻璃博物馆 

When a group of pigeons are flying over the sky, we seem to hear some lively sounds that bring energy and vividness to the dreary city. Whereas the habit to dwell in the nest makes the pigeons always on the way back home.” - Meng Du

SHMOG - Moe - The Room - 23.jpg


Every story has the same beginning, but ends in different ways. When you are viewing the performance of those on the stage, the performers are also observing your facial expressions. The transparent ‘skin’ breaks the boundary between the internal and the external, making these two realms respond to and reflect each other. The humanized use of the glass transforms the glass to be a part of the human body.” - Meng Du

故事的开头都一样,过程和结局可能有万千变化。你在舞台上窥视着他人的表演,别人也在观察着你的表情。透明的“皮肤”,让被分隔的内在与外在世界相互映衬。拟人的呈现,让玻璃更像是肢体的一部分。” —— 杜蒙

Meng Du, Once upon A Time, 2017, glass, multi-media ©Meng Du, courtesy Shanghai Museum of Glass
杜蒙,从前有一个故事, 2017,玻璃、综合材料 © 杜蒙,致谢上海玻璃博物馆

Meng Du, Fractured Distance, 2017, glass ©Meng Du, courtesy Shanghai Museum of Glass
杜蒙,在断裂的缝隙之间,2017,玻璃 © 杜蒙,致谢上海玻璃博物馆

Renovation of abandoned houses is popular these days, which reveals the old patterned bricks long been covered by the concrete floor. These patterned bricks survive throughout time, delivering and preserving taste and memories belong to the old days. Although it is unavoidable to have wore and tore, the traces of former tenants are still visible.” - Meng Du

近些年来时兴旧房空间改造,让很多封存在水泥板,复合地板之下的旧花砖又能够重见天日。花砖穿越了时空,传递出了许多存留在这个空间中的质感。尽管残破在所难免,但人们曾经居住停留过的痕迹犹在。” —— 杜蒙