Exhibition Time: August 15-September 14, 2019
Venue: Cayuga Museum of History and Art, 203 Genesee St, Auburn, NY 13021

Auburn, New York - We are pleased to share that Renqian Yang’s solo exhibition has opened at the Cayuga Museum of History and Art on August 15, 2019. The show showcases some of the major ceramics and paintings created by Renqian Yang in the United States between 2013 and 2019. The show will be on display from August 15 to September 14, 2019. 

Fascinated by dualism and binaries, Yang’s work addresses the unity and the contradiction of dichotomies by combining the seemingly divergent, such as tragedy and comedy, correctness and abstraction, restriction and freedom, pessimism and optimism, complexity and simplicity, and the man-made world and the natural world; her work explores how an individual is related to nature, society, and oneself. Meanwhile, Yang Renqian's work perspective starts with her own standpoint and interests. As a foreign citizen of Asian origin living in the United States, Yang pays attention to the social development in different cultures, as well as the interaction among the individual, the city and nature. Yang’s work also suggests the innate emotional characteristics of females, such as independence, perseverance, softness, and delicacy. From an outsider’s perspective, she reflects on the often neglected parts in our time, such as every individual's free will and its inseparability with the society, the optimistic attitude of the consumerist society and the feeling of emptiness, and beyond.

In terms of creative techniques, Yang combines both traditional and non-traditional methods in her practice. While primarily focusing on ceramics, her work also extends to installation, sculpture, drawing, painting, video and functional everyday objects. By engaging ceramics in many different ways, the clay can find new opportunities for expression. The show at the Cayuga Museum of History and Art continues her exploration on site-specific installations. The museum is converted from a 19th-century-old mansion. The last family heir gave the old house to Professor Walter Long for constructing the museum at the cost of “five dollars plus a box of cigarettes.” Yang studies the architectural details of the house, including the 19th century Tiffany stained glass window, the ornate dining room in Renaissance Revival style and the original wood walls and makes the exhibition design as part of the interior. Renqian’s solo show at the Cayuga Museum of History and Art is the sixth show of the museum’s CNY Emerging Artist project, which features ten emerging artists from the Central New York region with a new show each month, from March to November. The full schedule could be found at


纽约州奥本市- 否画廊祝贺代理艺术家杨人倩于2019年8月15日在卡尤加历史与艺术博物馆举办个展。此次展览集中收录了杨人倩于2013年至2019年间在美国创作的主要作品。展览将持续至9月14日。

杨人倩着迷于事物的二元对立及其间的边界,她的作品关注对立属性的矛盾和统一,如悲剧与喜剧、绝对与抽象、束缚与自由、复杂与简单、人造和自然等。她往往通过作品探讨人与自然、社会、及自我的关系。同时以她自身的立场和兴趣出发,杨人倩作为一名生活在美国的亚裔女性,除了关注社会的变化发展,个人和城市与自然的冲突、对立,她也关注女性内心世界中必须拥有的独立、顽强、柔软、细腻的情感特征。 她从另一个角度更敏感的触摸到事物中相互独立又常被忽略的部分,例如个人的自由意志与时代的捆绑,商品社会的乐观心态和厌世情绪等。


此次主办展览的博物馆卡尤加历史和艺术博物馆(The Cayuga Museum of History and Art)是从一座19世纪的老宅邸改建而来的。最后一位家族继承人把这座旧房子以“五美元加一盒香烟”的价格交给了沃尔特·朗教授。杨人倩研究了这座老宅的建筑细节,包括十九世纪的蒂凡尼花窗、木质墙面和新文艺复兴建筑风格的餐厅,再根据室内空间设计了展览呈现。雕塑和绘画作品从天花板、墙角、立柜的各个角落蔓延出来,成为建筑有机的一部分。


Cayuga Museum of Art. Courtesy Fou Gallery. 卡尤加历史与艺术博物馆,致谢否画廊.

Cayuga Museum of Art. Courtesy Fou Gallery. 卡尤加历史与艺术博物馆,致谢否画廊.


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