HILDA SHEN (b. 1954, Minneapolis, U.S.)

Hilda Shen received her B.A. in Music and East Asian Studies from Oberlin College, and her M.F.A. in Sculpture City University of New York, Queens College. Currently, she lives and works in Brooklyn and teaches at Parsons/The Newschool. Shen’s sculptures, prints, drawings, and installations have been shown in Brooklyn, throughout the New York City area, Seattle, and Beijing. She acted in Public Hearing, a film by James Kienitz Wilkins, which premiered in the USA at MoMA/PS1 in 2013, and more recently in Common Carrier at BAM CinemaFest in 2017. Shen created large installations at Wave Hill (New York), Tenri Cultural Institute (New York), China 2000 Gallery (New York), and the Smithsonian Flushing Town Hall (New York). Her 30-foot wide wall piece, Recurrent River, is permanently installed at Riverdale Country School in New York. Shen has been reviewed in The New York Times, The Brooklyn Rail, ArtAsiaPacific, and ARTnews for both large-scale and small-scale works. She received residencies at Willapa Bay AIR, The Bloedel Reserve, Millay Colony for the Arts, Yosemite National Park, and Platte Clove.

Whether Hilda Shen’s work centers around Manhattan’s urban skies, geological vastness, the idiosyncrasies of Chinese scholar rocks, or the waters of Maine, her imagery flows between monumental and sensual landscapes, between the enormity of the human footprint and the desire to feel simply at ease with our perceived and hidden surroundings. Shen works with simple materials, such as paper, glue, ink, and clay. She layers these materials with careful attention and historical sensitivity: from her wall installations to sculptures, paintings, and prints, her pieces feel deeply spatial although sometimes displayed in a single plane. In engaging the layering process, Shen creates both dynamic and contemplative pieces and shows her desire to explore how layers of human touch and intention have been interleaved into the natural world.

Artist Website: https://hildashen.com/

沈禾美(b. 1954, 明尼阿波利斯,美国)

沈禾美在欧柏林学院获得了音乐和东亚研究学士学位,并在纽约城市大学皇后学院获得了雕塑系硕士学位。现今她在布鲁克林生活和工作,并在帕森斯艺术学院任教。沈禾美的雕塑、版画、绘画和装置作品曾在布鲁克林、纽约市地区、西雅图和北京等地区地展出。除此以外,沈禾美在Wave Hill艺术中心(纽约),天理文化中心(纽约)、文良画廊(纽约)、以及法拉盛市政厅都曾创作过大型装置。她的30英尺宽的墙面作品《循环河流》被永久安置在纽约的河谷乡村学校(Riverdale Country School)。关于沈禾美的作品的报道往往出现在《纽约时报》(The New York Times)、《布鲁克林铁路》(The Brooklyn Rail)、《亚太艺术》(ArtAsiaPacific)、以及《艺术新闻》(ARTnews)等杂志上。她参与过威拉帕湾驻留地(Willapa Bay AIR)、布洛德艺术驻留地(The Bloedel Reserve)、米莱艺术聚居地(Millay Colony for the Arts)、优胜美地国家公园(Yosemite National Park)和普莱特丁香溪谷(Platte Clove)等地的艺术驻地项目。她还曾在 James Kienitz Wilkins 的电影《听证会》中出演角色,该电影于2013年在美国 MoMA PS1 首映。


艺术家个人网站: https://hildashen.com/

Hilda Shen portrait ©Hilda Shen, courtesy Fou Gallery 沈禾美肖像 ©沈禾美,致谢否画廊

Hilda Shen portrait ©Hilda Shen, courtesy Fou Gallery
沈禾美肖像 ©沈禾美,致谢否画廊

Recent News 艺术家新闻

Jisook Kim & Hilda Shen: Orogenies Exhibition Time:  July 6 – August 11, 2019  Location:  Fou Gallery, 410 Jefferson Avenue, #1, New York.

Jisook Kim & Hilda Shen: Orogenies
Exhibition Time:
July 6 – August 11, 2019
Location: Fou Gallery, 410 Jefferson Avenue, #1, New York.