Lin Yan: Paperweight | 林延:镇纸

February 28, 2014 – March 21, 2014 | 2014年2月28日 - 2014年3月21日

Fou Gallery is pleased to present Lin Yan: Paperweight from February 28 through March 21, 2014. The exhibit, concurrent with her project at Tenri Culture Institute, will feature several recent small works and a site-specific “Cloud” installation.

As suggested in the exhibition title, recent works of Lin continue her interest in sculptural paper collage, the foundation of which is a variety of hand-made Xuan paper. Xuan paper is renowned for being soft, fine textured, translucent, suitable for conveying the artistic expression of Chinese traditional painting and calligraphy. Lin Yan makes sculptural collage with crumbled layers of papers with ink, creating a paradoxical affect of strong, post-industrial feeling.

The exhibition also expresses Lin’s ecological intention and social concern. Among the works in the exhibition, are a series of paper collage, AirBreath and Breeze, which refer to the unprecedented air pollution in Beijing. By incorporating elements in the environment into her work, Lin further blurs boundaries, embraces conflict and calls on public awareness of evolving ecological and environmental threats.

Lin Yan: Paperweight coincides with Lin Yan: Dispelling the Clouds, on show at The Art Gallery of Tenri Cultural Institute, 43 West 13th Street, through March 13th, 2014.


否画廊将于2014年2月28日至3月21日举办《林延:镇纸》展览。该展览与艺术家在天理文化中心艺术空间的个展《空 – 气》同期举行,将呈现艺术家近期创作的一些小型纸上作品,以及一朵根据空间特别创作的“云”。


 与此同时,《林延:空 – 气》正在天理文化中心艺术空间举行(纽约西13街43号),展至3月13号。