Liu Chang ’ Group Exhibition “LOVE: Intimate” at Today’s Art Museum, Beijing.

刘唱在北京今日美术馆群展《爱的艺术:亲密 》

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地点| Location:北京今日美术馆2号馆 Today Art Museum, No. 2, Beijing, China  

主办| Host:今日美术馆,云图映画 Today Art Museum, YT Pictures

参展艺术家| Artists: 玛丽娜·阿布拉莫维奇 Marina Abramovic,乌雷 Ulay,⼩野洋子 Yoko Ono,约翰·列侬 John Lennon,翠西·艾敏 Tracey Emin,程然 Cheng Ran,郭楚夕 Guo Chuxi,侯子超 Hou Zichao,蒋志 Jiang Zhi,刘唱 Liu Chang,刘诗园 Liu Shiyuan,黄炳 Wong Ping,徐文恺 aaajiao

特别展映| Special Screening:草间弥生 Yayoi Kusama: Infinity, 2018, 由DDDream数梦特别呈现 Yayoi Kusama: Infinity, 2018, DDDream Present  

北京 – 否画廊祝贺艺术家刘唱参加展览《爱的艺术:亲密》。爱,作为⼀种最具有普世意义的情感,也是艺术史中的重要主题。《爱的艺术:亲密》聚焦影像媒介的艺术创作,所关注的“爱”之定义也具有强烈的当代特征。展览从“⾏动”、“独⽩”、“能量”、“永恒”和“未来”五个关键词出发,引领着观众通过艺术的⾓度,感受爱带来的创意能量,唤醒爱中的感动记忆,也思考爱中的⽭盾和困境。

刘唱为今日美术馆群展《爱的艺术:亲密》(英: Love : Intimate)特别创作的这部《随机漫步者-如影随形》(英: Random Walker - Alone, Together),是一部双屏幕交互装置。两部屏幕背对背的矗立在空间正中(如图所示), 当观者站在装置一侧驻足观看时,屏幕却逐渐浮现出另一侧观者的肖像画,反之亦然。参与者们以这样的方式不期而遇,这种经历如同凝视自己时却遭遇陌生人而产生的自问,也有如人与人之间偶然相逢或擦身而过时的浅然一笑。《爱的艺术:亲密》通过影像和装置作品,审视当代视觉文化缩影下的“爱”与“亲密“,引导观者体验人与人之间的边界。在展览中,观者站在《随机漫步者-如影随形》面前,与不期而遇的互动者相遇。这部作品似乎偶然间暗合了情感间若即若离,飘忽不定的闪烁存在。


Beijing - Fou Gallery is pleased to announce that our represented artist Liu Chang will participate in LOVE: Intimate. Love, one of the most universal forces, is also a significant subject matter in the history of art. LOVE: Intimate presents the most representative video art of our time, unfolding diverse contemporary narratives of intimacy. Divided into five chapters, this exhibition is organized around “Action”, “Monologue”, “Energy”, “Eternity” and “Future”, leading the audience to experience, explore and evoke love.

For Today Art Museum’s group exhibition LOVE: Intimate, Liu Chang is commissioned to specially create Random Walker - Alone Together, an interactive video installation with double screens. Two screens stand back to back in the middle of the exhibition space (as shown). When a person stand in front of one screen, the image of the viewer standing at the other side of the installation will gradually appear, and vise versa. This unexpected way of encounter mimics the experience of self-inspection when a stranger surprisingly enters our gaze. It is also like a simple smile that we give to the passersby. Love Theater: Intimate examines “love” and “intimacy” under the epitome of the contemporary visual culture through images and installations, and guide the viewers to experience the boundary between people. In the exhibition, when viewers encounter with Random Walker - Alone Together, they also meet the other visitors by coincidence. This work seems to coincide with the uncertain and flickering existence in a relationship.

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