MICHAEL EADE (b. 1957, Portland, Oregon)

Received a BA from Oregon State University and did further studies at the Staatlichen Akademie der Bildenen Kunste, Stuttgart (studying egg tempera painting techniques), and New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts (studying film and computer animation techniques). He has received many honors including a residency at the Hermitage Artists’ Retreat, a studio membership at the Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts, and fellowships from the Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop, the National Academy Museum and School of the Fine Arts, Artists’ Fellowship Inc., and Aljira. Eade’s work appears in public and corporate collections including the Harvard Business School, HERMÈS, AT&T, the Library of Congress Permanent Collection and many private collections. In 2017, Michael Eade had his first solo exhibition at Fou Gallery (New York) - Realms of the Soil.

In 2010, Eade began a body of work depicting his vision of the ancient fruit forests in the western Tian Shan mountains, at the border of Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, and China. This area is the genetic origin of over 300 wild fruit and nut species on our planet. However, 90 percent of those fruit and nut forests have been destroyed in the past 50 years. Learning all this inspired Eade to visually eulogize this botanical Eden, into which he also incorporates in his iconic series “The Wild Fruit Forest - Tree of Life”. The series also becomes a practice to combine Eastern and Western landscape traditions for Eade. In 2016, Eade started a new series - “Nurse Log,” in the depiction of fallen trees which, as they decay, provide ecological facilitation to the seedling. As Eade suggests: “For me, the nurse log symbolizes renewal and rebirth, and I sometimes gild the nurse log to highlight it’s metaphorical importance in our world’s ecological system." In 2019, Eade started new series “Pine Tree Sapling,” which depicts the renewing power of fire. In his painting, naturally burning forest fires clear the forest floor and provide nutrients for surviving plants and newly sprouting life, thus maintaining the timelessness of the cycle of life.

Artist’s Website: www.michaeleade.com

迈克尔·伊德(b. 1957, 美国俄勒冈州波特兰)


2010年,迈克尔.伊德开始研究哈萨克斯坦和中国新疆交界处天山的一片果树林,这片苹果树林有300多种野生果树,植物学家发现现存苹果树的基因都可追溯于此,是名副其实的基因伊甸园,但过去的五十年内濒临灭绝。了解这些后,伊德开始”野苹果森林 - 生命之树”创作,也成为他探索东西方绘画语言和技法的实验。2016年,伊德开始新的系列“哺木”,包括蛋彩画、陶瓷、纸上装置等。哺木指森林中死亡的的树木倒下后逐渐腐烂,被苔藓覆盖,却变成滋养新生命的温床。伊德说:“哺木象征着更新和新生,我在其表面镀银以强调它对世界生态系统的象征意义。”2019年他开始了新的系列——“松树树苗”,描绘火对自然界生命更新的作用。森林大火有着摧毁一切生命的力量,最近发生在加利福尼亚州和巴西雨林的毁灭性森林火灾正是例证。然而正如伊德的作品所描绘,自然发生的火灾会清理掉陈旧的表层,为存活和新生的植物提供养分。 这正维系了生命循环的永恒。


Michael Eade at Studio, Elizabeth Foundation of Art, New York. Photography by Eugene Neduv ©2017 Michael Eade, courtesy Fou Gallery

Michael Eade at Studio, Elizabeth Foundation of Art, New York. Photography by Eugene Neduv ©2017 Michael Eade, courtesy Fou Gallery