January 8–January 13, 2019 | 2019年1月8日—2019年1月13日

Reception|开幕酒会: January 12, 2019, 5–8 pm

Artist’s Talk|艺术家对话: January 12, 2019, 4–5 pm

Qiao Wanwan,  It Ends Now,Thanks For Attending  exhibition rendering.

Qiao Wanwan, It Ends Now,Thanks For Attending exhibition rendering.

NEW YORK - Fou Gallery is pleased to announce that from January 8th to 13th, 2019, we will be presenting a special project by Qiao Wanwan - “It Ends Now,Thanks For Attending.”

Qiao Wanwan’s birth name is actually Qiao Weifeng, and “Qiao Wanwan” is the virtual identity he designed for himself after he moved to the United States. He relied on the pseudonym to adapt to the psychological transformation of immigration status while testing the pleasure brought by disguise and performance, and continued to observe the impact on consciousness and behavior.

This project also seems to be a trap designed by the artist to reset the logical relationship. Throughout his speculation on the concept, the title “It Ends Now,Thanks For Attending” seems to deny the need for watching at the very beginning, and the formatting language has become a dilemma for the viewer to presuppose.

The exhibition is based on some of the daily events that occurred to the artist. With further reflections on the way art is produced, how it is viewed, and the flow of information, the artist decided to implement an action to create an event that allowed the void and lies to be established. He pulls the content away, fills in emptiness as content, and examines the politics of his own way. The artist fictionalized another way of viewing during the viewing in reality, presenting a farce that was both confusing and empty, forming a provocative and sly text filled the field, separating viewers from the explanation, making them frustrated from the expectation while becoming another collaborator of the incident.




Artist | 艺术家

Qiao Wanwan (b.1978, Shanxi, China) graduated from the Art and Design Department of China Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2002. He currently lives and works in Boston and Beijing.