UNTITLEDdialogue 9 未命题对话非命题 ANTITITLEDdialogue

Time: January 17th (Thursday), 19:00 – 21:00

Location: Ran Teahouse, 269 KENT AVE.(BTW S1 STR. and S2 STR.), BROOKLYN, NY, 11211.

The event is free to public. $5 suggested donation at the door is welcome. Thanks to the generous support from Ran Teahouse and New York Chinese Culture Center.

On January 17th, the nineth UNTITLEDdialogue will present a special environmental dance project - ANTITITLEDdialogue.

ANTITITLEDdialogue is an experimental performance art project initiated by dancer and choreographer Dai Jian in 2012. Not limited to a traditional stage, the project is presented in non-traditional spaces with various functions. The performers, inspired by people and objects in a given space, redesign the space and create the choreography, combining body language, visual art and performance art elements. ANTITITLEDdialogue is also an interactive theater, where several happenings take place at the same time. The participants may choose to join or leave, and initiate a dialogue with the performers.

UNTITLEDdialogue project is a series of cultural talks with Asian related artists in New York. The one-year-long project favors social and cultural dialogue and acts as a catalyst for further collaboration. Based on mutual interest in communication, Dai Jian chose UNTITLEDdialogue series as a platform for the debut of his project. The performers are inspired by the forest-like and spiritual atmosphere in Ran Teahouse. They bring in the Asian elements in the teahouse and create a space for meditation. Participants are invited to enter the space, talk to surrounding people and objects with all senses and listen to the inner voice. Without determinant opinions or clear distinction between the performers and the audience, the environment is conducive to questioning and discussion. Here, everyone is expected to focus on communication per se and contribute to creative ideas. Furthermore, ANTITITLEDdialogue is dedicated to break the boundaries between art projects, dialogue and the party. Ran Teahouse will turn into a white space, which is activated by participants who bring in free dialogue. With conversation going on, the whole project will become a party that fosters cultural exchanges.

About Dai Jian:

Dai Jian is a New York based artist with roots in contemporary dance, classical dance, and Martial Arts. He has created improvisations, performance installations, and visual art. Dai Jian began creating his own work alongside a professional dance performance career since he was 18 years old. Dai Jian joined New York-based Shen Wei Dance Arts in 2005 and Trisha Brown Dance Company in 2008. In 2012 he has been invited to choreography the compulsory piece for Male solo for the Boston International Ballet Competition, and choreographed for Guang Dong Modern Dance Company. He also has collaborated with filmmaker Katrina McPherson, Kirstie Simson and Michael Schumaker, visual artist Kimberly Mayhorn, Mimi Gerrard, Yin Mei, and Hou Ying.

Co-produced and performed by:

Ayaka Habata, Kristin Hatleberg, Karen Harvey, Elise Knudson, Mark Rogers, Lotus Wang, Ophra Wolf, Mei Yamanaka, Zhuang Gui Xuan

时间:1月17日 (星期四),19:00 - 21:00.

地点:冉空间, 269 KENT AVE.(BTW S1 STR. and S2 STR.), BROOKLYN, NY, 11211.

本活动免费对公众开放,建议捐款$5,特别感谢冉茶社和纽约中国文化中心(New York Chinese Culture Center)提供研究支持。

1月17 日(星期四)晚七点,第九期未命题对话将呈现一个特别的环境舞蹈项目——非命题。




戴剑生活和工作在纽约,是一位根植于现代舞、古典舞以及武术艺术的艺术家,他创作的领域包括即兴、装置以及视觉艺术等。戴剑于18岁时开始进行独立创作,并开始了职业舞蹈生涯。2005年加入沈伟舞蹈艺术团,2008年加入特蕾莎·布朗现代舞团,同年,北京奥林匹克开幕式上,他作为沈伟的助理参与相关工作。此外,戴剑还和电影人Katrina McPherson、Kirstie Simson、Michael Schumaker等人合作,也与视觉艺术家Kimberly Mayhorn、Mimi Gerrard、Yin Mei以及Hou Ying等人拓展艺术的领域,并与中国广东现代舞团以及金星舞剧团保持合作。


Ayaka Habata, Kristin Hatleberg, Karen Harvey , Elise Knudson, Mark Rogers, Lotus Wang, Ophra Wolf, Mei Yamanaka, Zhuang Gui Xuan