UNTITLEDdialogue 11 未命题对话: 罗伯特 C.摩根 Robert C. Morgan

Time | 时间: March 14th(Thursday), 19:00 - 21:00 | 3月14日(星期四), 19:00 - 21:00

Location | 地点: Einstein Auditorium | 纽约大学爱因斯坦演讲厅, Barney Building, New York University, 34 Stuyvesant Street, New York, NY10003

Ticket | 费用: Open to public with free admission, with suggested donation of $5. | 活动免费对公众开放,建议捐款$5。

On March 14th (Thursday, 19:00-21:00), the eleventh UNTITLEDdialogue will feature American art critic and artist Robert C. Morgan (罗伯特 C. 摩根) and three Chinese contemporary artists - Lin Yan (林延), Shen Chen (沈忱), Wei Dong (魏东). The event will happen during the Asia Week New York, on the occasion of the publication of Morgan's newest book, Reflections on the Condition of Recent Chinese Art. The author will initiate a talk about the book and his perspectives on Chinese contemporary art, accompanied by his dialogues with three artists mentioned in the book.

Published by Hebei Education Press and translated by Zhu Chunhang, Reflections on the Condition of Recent Chinese Art is the first collection of essays on Chinese contemporary art to be published in Chinese by an American critic. The book includes twenty essays that Morgan has written and published on contemporary Chinese artists and art market. Divided into three parts, the book includes an opening chapter on aspects of Chinese, reviews on 12 Chinese artists and a closing chapter about connoisseurship and market of Chinese contemporary art. These writings exceed a mere critical analysis of Chinese contemporary art and subsume another larger theme - when market value overshadows aesthetic value in 21st century, how can we understand the value of art other than a cynical investment strategy. As Morgan argues in the end of the introduction:" What I would like to advocate in these essays is another way of thinking about art through feeling and through a sense of community that takes an interest in why art is necessary to sustain a living culture. In this sense, China would appear to be close to the top in opening a threshold of aesthetic experience that globalization couldn’t afford to ignore." The English version will be released in 2014.

About the Speakers:

Robert C. Morgan (罗伯特 C. 摩根): Lives and works in New York city as an international critic, curator, art historian, artist, and poet. He holds an M.F.A. in Sculpture and a Ph.D. in art history from New York University. He is Professor Emeritus in Art History at the Rochester Institute of Technology. In addition, he teaches at in the Graduate Fine Department at Pratt Institute and in the Departments of Photography and Art History at the School of Visual Arts. As an international critic, he has authored and edited numerous essays and books, translated into 18 languages. He is Consulting Editor to The Brooklyn Rail, Contributing Editor to Sculpture, and New York Editor for Asian Art News. As a painter, he has shown in several exhibitions in the United States, Europe, and Asia. In addition, he has both curated and juried over 70 exhibitions in various institutions worldwide. In 1999, he received the first Arcala award in Salamanca for international criticism. In 2011, he was elected to the European Academy of Sciences and Arts in Salzburg.

Lin Yan (林延): Born in Beijing, Lin now lives and works in New York. Lin Yan seeks the simplest possible use of elements in her work. Taoist thought remains in her life and art. The foundation of Lin Yan's large sculptural paper collage is a variety of hand-made paper for Chinese traditional painting. Her images investigate the interrelation of Chinese traditional painting and modernist abstraction, and postmodern appropriation and ancient technical rigor. Lin’s works have been widely shown in the galleries and museums, included in recent exhibitions at Museum of Chinese American in America in New York, the National Art Museum of China in Beijing, Dresden State Art Collections in Germany, Chengdu Contemporary Art Museum in China. Currently, Lin Yan's site-specific installation is on show at Prow Art Space, Flatiron Building, 175 Fifth Avenue.

Shen Chen (沈忱): Born in China in 1955, Shen Chen is based in New York and Shanghai. He began his art education in high school and continued his training at Shanghai Art College. In the 1980s, Shen Chen was one of China’s pioneers of Chinese abstract painting and experimental ink painting. After thirty years of practicing and creating art, Shen has become an artist with a profound influence in today’s art world. His work blends multiple cultural elements as he layers concepts of time and space with Zen philosophy, meditation, and repetition. Shen has shown his works in China and abroad, including the Shanghai Art Museum and Ningbo Museum of Art, the National Art Museum of China (NAMOC), Roma Academy of Fine Arts, Queens Museum of Art, Zhendai Museum of Modern Art, Museum of Chinese in America and Kunsthalle Recklinghausen.

Wei Dong (魏东): Born in Inner Mongolia, China in 1968, Wei Dong now works and lives in New York and Beijing. By juxtaposing classical figures of the West with traditional landscapes and tossing in seemingly arbitrary objects into his compositions, Wei Dong brings together conflicting images, traditions, and values into a single pictorial space. Wei Dong has shown his works internationally, including National Academy Museum (New York), Kunstmuseum Bern, National Museum of Contemporary Art (Seoul) and Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco de Young. His latest group exhibition is Hot Pot: A Taste of Contemporary Chinese Art, taking place from March 16 to June 23, 2013 at Brattleboro Museum & Art Center.

3月14日(星期四晚7-9点),未命题对话将邀请美国艺术家评论家罗伯特 C. 摩根与三位中国当代艺术家——林延、沈忱、魏东对话。本次活动正值2013纽约亚洲艺术周之际,亦是摩根的新书《映像:中国艺术现状》的发布会。作为第一个以中文出版相关主题著作的美国评论家,摩根将介绍他对中国当代艺术及市场的看法,并与书中提到的三位艺术家进行现场对话。

由河北教育出版社出版,朱春杭翻译,《映像:中国艺术现状》收录了摩根二十年来关于中国当代艺术的评论和书信。在中国当代艺术家广受关注的当下,本书收录的20篇文章探讨了动荡的市场背后隐藏的问题。本书分为四章——中国艺术近况,革新与身份,超物质思维和乌托邦与市场,包含对12位中国艺术家的评论以及一些关于大环境的反思文章。在中国艺术评论之外,本书当中还隐含着一个更大的主题——当艺术欣赏变成一种消费行为,当市场价格超过美学价值成为评判作品好坏的标准时,我们如何理解21世纪的艺术在作为投资标的以外的美学意义。正如摩根所说:“这些文章当中我想提出的是一种不同的思维方式,通过感觉和社会感来理解艺术为什么对于延续文化来说是必不可少的。如此考量,在静候开启的美学屏障之后,中国应该是最先出现的国家之一,这也是全球化无法忽视的。” 英文版将于2014年出版。


Robert C. Morgan (罗伯特 C. 摩根):艺术评论家、策展人、艺术家、艺术史家和诗人,现居住和工作在纽约。他在纽约大学取得博士学位,现执教于,在罗彻斯特理工学院担任Emeritus教授,退休后在Pratty艺术学院和纽约视觉艺术学院继续任教。他是众多国际杂志和刊物的作者,包括《亚洲艺术通讯》,《美国艺术》,《布鲁克林邮报》,《雕塑》等。他的学术出版著作被翻译成18种语言。作为艺术家,摩根的作品参加过很多展览。2013年,他的新书《映像:中国艺术现状》中文版由河北教育出版社出版。英文版将于2014年推出

Lin Yan (林延): 出生于北京,80年代中,从中央美术学院毕业后,去巴黎国立高等美术学院,美国宾夕法尼亚州立大学深造,现生活和工作在纽约。林延的作品始终贯穿着阴阳、太极、对立统一等东方哲学。林延的作品采用最简单的黑白两色以及材料,体现出内在冥想的巨大力量。她采用中国历代用于书法绘画的传统手工纸本,唤起本身深厚的文化底蕴。林延举办过上百次展览,近期的展览空间包括美国华人博物馆、中国美术馆、德国德里斯顿美术馆等。近日,她的大型素描和宣纸雕塑正在第五大道175号的纽约地标建筑熨斗大厦展出。

Shen Chen (沈忱):1955年出生于中国,现居纽约和上海。他早在中学,并继续在上海艺术学院开始接受艺术教育。作为80年代中国抽象绘画和实验水墨的先行者之一,他活跃于当时的“地下艺术沙龙”。经历了三十年的艺术实践,沈忱的作品融合了各种文化因素,并以禅宗哲理、冥思和重复性阐述他对时间和空间的观念和知觉。他的作品展在世界各地美术馆展出,包括中国美术馆,今日美术馆,三尚当代艺术馆,上海大学美术馆,昆斯美术馆等。

Wei Dong (魏东):1968年出生于内蒙古,现生活和工作在纽约。魏东的艺术创作将西方古典油画的经典构图及人物融合在传统和现代景观中,将富有冲突感的画面、传统和价值取向融合在创作中。魏东的作品在世界各地的美术馆和画廊展览,包括纽约国家设计学院美术馆,德国伯恩美术馆,首尔当代美术馆和旧金山-德杨美术馆。继2012年在汉雅轩画廊举办个展后,2013年他的作品正在美国伯瑞特波罗艺术中心参加群展《火锅:中国当代艺术一品》。