Zhai Liang (b.1983, Houma, Shanxi Province, China) graduated from Oil Painting department, Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts, Chongqing (B.F.A.) in 2006 and Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing (M.F.A.) in 2009. His works were featured in Leap, Artforum and HiArt, etc. His recent exhibitions include Note at White Space, Beijing (2015); Zhai Liang: Catalogue - Babel Library at White Space, Beijing (2013); Zhai Liang: The Garden of Forking Paths at 1000 Plateaus Space, Chengdu (2011, 2013 and 2015) and The Diary of Travelers at Hive Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing (2014). His works have been included in the public collections of Long Museum (Shanghai) and He Xiangning Art Museum (Shenzhen). He had his first solo exhibition in the United States: Zhai Liang: ”New York is A Big Liar”  at Fou Gallery, New York (2014). In August 2016, he had his second solo exhibition Zhai Liang: Living Room at Fou Gallery, New York (2016).


翟倞(b.1983, 山西侯马)2006年毕业于四川美术学院油画系,2009年在中央美术学院油画系取得硕士学位。他的作品曾被《艺术界》、《Artforum艺术论坛》、《东方艺术大家》、《Hi艺术》等媒体报道。他近期参加的展览包括翟倞:笔记(空白空间,北京,2015),翟倞:小径分岔的花园(千高原艺术空间,成都,2011,2013,2015),旅人日记(蜂巢当代艺术中心,北京,2014)。他的作品被何香凝美术馆(深圳),龙美术馆(上海)等公共机构收藏。他曾于2014年九月在否画廊初次举办个展《"纽约是个大骗子"》,并在2016年8月在否画廊举办个展《客厅》